Grand Island CSD

VIDEO: Grand Island CSD Breaks Ground on $57.8 Million

Grand Island CSD Breaks Ground

Phase I of the District's $57.8 million in renovations has kicked off with additions and renovations to the Middle/High School complex. Highlights include a new Technology addition, Athletic Complex, full bus loop/drop-off/parking reconstruction, and primary electric service replacement. Renovations will also include science, music, auditorium, gymnasium, and nursing/guidance office improvements.

Grand Island Voters OK New Transportation Center

Grand Island CSD residents voted in favor of a new transportation facility Tuesday night, approving the capital project by nearly a 2-1 margin. The new 16,000 square foot facility will be built behind Sidway Elementary School. The existing transportation facility will be renovated for use by buildings & grounds.

The project is expected to be complete in September 2014 and will have no impact on the District's tax levy.

Grand Island CSD Residents Approve $51.4M Capital Project

Campus is happy to congratulate Grand Island Central School District on its successful bond vote. District residents showed overwhelming support for the proposed capital project, which includes $51.4 million in district-wide renovations.

Proposition 1, which has no tax impact on District residents and businesses, includes $46.8M in renovations to five District buildings that were identified as part of the District's State-mandated Building Condition Survey. Voters approved the proposition 1,610 to 292.