Clerk of the Works Services

To accommodate the budget of any construction project, Campus also offers the streamlined on-site monitoring services of a Clerk of the Works during the construction phase of a project. We understand that each project has unique requirements needed for its successful completion, and our Clerk of the Works services can be further customized to incorporate a more robust level of construction management support during the pre-referendum planning, pre-construction planning and construction phases:


  • Public Information Program consulting


  • Prepare estimate
  • Conduct constructability and/or documents review
  • Contact potential bidders and solicit interest
  • Assist the Architect in administering all facets of the bidding process


  • Provide on-site management
  • Assist in progress meetings with project team
  • Coordinate independent testing agents
  • Establish positive contractor relationships on job site
  • Monitor work progress, including monitoring project schedule
  • Monitor compliance with construction documents
  • Review contractor safety programs
  • Review contractor safety compliance with NYCRR 155.5 Uniform Safety Standards
  • Coordinate on-site issues with contractors
  • Maintain good relationship with neighbors of the project
  • Monitor capital budget and provide update to the owner
  • Review and critique prime contractor’s construction schedules for compliance with prime contractor’s input, develop a project schedule and periodically update same
  • Administer photo identification badge program
  • Maintain daily log of events, visitors and occurrences at job site
  • Maintain documentation and photographs of job progress
  • Maintain owner’s project files as follows:
  • Confer with the district on release of retainage
  • Coordinate as-builts from prime contractors
  • Review all prime contractors payment applications and make recommendations to the architect for certification
  • Coordinate owner occupancy schedule
  • Coordinate building commissioning and instruction
  • Assist in inspection for substantial completion and punch list preparation by architect
  • Coordinate O&M manuals and warranties
  • Assist in project close-out