Construction Services PhotoDuring the construction phase we typically provide the following services:

  • Track and review permits/approvals
  • Coordinate independent testing
  • Coordinate mobilization
  • Receive, verify, and monitor all contractors' insurance and bond compliance
  • Provide full-time field coordination
  • Conduct project coordination meetings and generate minutes of same
  • Conduct project progress meetings and generate minutes of same
  • Coordinate utilities
  • Establish positive contractor relationships on jobsite
  • Evaluate work progress
  • Prepare monthly reports to Owner covering: project status, possible changes in work, schedule update, and capital budget update
  • Monitor adherence to construction documents
  • Review contractor safety programs
  • Manage the shop drawing and submittal process
  • Assure timely coordination of on-site issues with contractors and A/E through management of the RFI (request for information), COR (change order request) and CO (change order) processes
  • Maintain good relationship with neighbors of the project
  • Monitor capital budget and provide update to the owner
  • Review contractors safety protocols for the entire project, including safety for students and workers
  • Administer photo I.D. badge program
  • Provide educational activities (construction week, internship, career day, etc.)
  • Maintain documentation and photographs of job progress
  • Review prime contractors’ construction schedules. With prime contractors’ input, develop a comprehensive project schedule and periodically update same
  • Review all prime contractors' payment applications and make recommendation to the architect for certification
  • Assist the Owner in procuring all "not in contract" or "by Owner" materials and equipment to be incorporated into the project and coordinate delivery and installation with work of prime contractors
  • Generate and maintain all Owner’s project files including, but not limited to:

   a) correspondence
   b) project documents
   c) change orders
   d) construction directives
   e) architect’s supplemental instructions
   f) meeting minutes
   g) shop drawings
   h) job details
   i) color schedules
   j) applications for payment
   k) insurance and bond certificates

  • Coordinate owner occupancy schedule
  • Assist architect in review, evaluation, and documentation of claims
  • Schedule fire safety inspections
  • Assist in inspection for substantial completion and punch list preparation
  • Obtain certificate of occupancy (C of O)
  • Advise Owner on release of retainage
  • Coordinate as-builts
  • Coordinate start-up and instruction
  • Coordinate operations & maintenance (O&M) manuals and warranties
  • Assist in project close-out and documentation