2015-2017 Facilities Improvements

Cazenovia Central School District

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Twenty miles southeast of Syracuse, NY in Madison County, Cazenovia CSD sits at the base of scenic Cazenovia Lake. The district's elementary, middle, and high schools serve 1,500 students.

2010-2011 District-Wide Additions & Renovations
Cazenovia Central School's first project with Campus included district-wide additions and renovations to four District buildings. The project addressed District needs for educational programs, health and safety, and athletic programs.
Renovations at the Emory Avenue High School and Middle School Complex featured an adaptive PE addition, as well as renovations to the track, Buckley gym, and a small gym. Additional improvements included window replacements, auditorium renovations, and other general renovations. The Burton Street Elementary School underwent several general renovations, plus window and UV replacements. At the Fenner Complex, additions and renovations consisted of new athletic fields, a new shelter, expanded parking, and concession renovations. Renovations and paving at the bus garage facility were also part of the project.

2015-2017 Facilities Improvements
Our second project with Cazenovia CSD was approved by voters in January 2014. The bulk of the building project entails the renovation or replacement of behind-the-scenes systems such as air handling, heating, lighting, as well as windows, doors, brick repointing, and water mains. These deficiencies were indentified during Cazeovia’s regular “building condition survey,” which is conducted every five years and forms the basis of the district’s long-range facilities plan.

Tetra Tech
Cazenovia, NY
$12.5 million | $7.4 million
Construction Management
2011 | 2017