ROC2Change Summit Builds Bridges Between Monroe County Students

Campus CMG continued its commitment to students in classrooms throughout Monroe County at the ROC2Change Fall 2018 Student Summit on Race on Friday, November 16 at the Wegmans Conference Center in Gates. Campus was a key supporter of the event along with ACT for Education, the premier public school advocacy initiative in Monroe County. 

ROC2Change Student Summits bring hundreds of students from across Monroe County schools together to discuss issues related to race and racism. The Fall 2018 Summit focused on the concept of intersectionality, challenging students to create stronger schools and communities through empathy, understanding, and self-awareness. Intersectionality is the theory that individuals can experience discrimination in unique ways when they identify with multiple marginalized groups such as race, gender, or class. The event was hosted by Brighton Central School District, where Campus is currently providing construction management services for a $65 million district-wide capital improvement project.

Campus is a longtime key business partner of ACT for Education, an initiative that aims to foster positive sentiment and celebrate the exceptional quality, success, and performance of Monroe County public schools. ACT for Education’s vision is to encourage more active involvement in schools by people from all walks of life. Through events like ROC2Change Student Summits, students are learning to become more engaged community members and in turn, contributing to a stronger and more vibrant community at large.

ROC2Change Student Summits on Race are a bi-annual event. Spencerport Central School District will host the next event in March 2019.