Williamsville Residents Approve $16.75 Million in District-Wide Renovations

Exerpted from Williamsville CSD web site [source]:

On December 4, voters in the Williamsville Central School District passed a $16.75 million capital project by a vote of 1,056 to 298.The project will result in much needed improvements at all 13 schools as well as district-wide upgrades in technology and the phone system. The planned capital project work qualifies for state building aid at a rate of 76 percent. The local share will be paid using funds from a capital reserve as well as certain budget appropriations. The District’s level debt service plan will absorb the new bond debt without impacting the operating budget or requiring a tax increase. As a result, the cost to local taxpayers is zero.

Superintendent Scott Martzloff called the project a “win win” for both the school district and the community, thanking voters for their support.