Building Condition Surveys

Your next BCS should be a reliable capital facilities planning tool — now and in the future. On a newly staggered five-year cycle, the State Education Department requires all districts and BOCES to complete a Building Condition Survey (BCS) in coordination with their architect. As part of your team, Campus can provide an enhanced level of construction knowledge and cost estimating expertise that dovetails with the involvement of your architect. Our services include:

Accurate cost estimates and budgeting for each facility, including:

  • Additions and new construction
  • Alterations/reconstruction/renovations
  • Major system replacements and repairs
  • Other major repairs and reconstruction

Assistance with the complete BCS process, including:

  • District-wide capital assets building inventory and visual inspection
  • Identification/rationale for potential upgrades, renovations & additions
  • Identification of repairs, replacements, and maintenance needs for all major systems

District-wide analysis, including year-by-year prioritization
& preventive maintenance plans

Full coordination with your architect