Port Byron CSD Voters Approve $5.6 Million Project

Residents of Port Byron Central School District approved a $5.6 million capital project on Tuesday evening by a vote of 202-181. The project will have no local tax impact on the District's residents and businesses.

The project's key components include a community fitness center that will be open to residents when it is not in use by students. Other community benefits include a shared fueling facility with the Town and Village.

The project will also address maintenance, health & safety, and energy conservation improvements. Maintenance renovations will include new roofs, window replacements, new pavement, and HVAC upgrades. Health, safety & security improvements will include asbestos abatement, a renovated nursing suite, and secure entrances. Solar panels, lighting upgrades, electrical and mechanical improvements will round out the project's energy conservation improvements. The solar panels will produce enough electricity to begin paying a dividend to the District within two years, based on the receipt of grants and state aid for the installation of special panels.


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